You’ve decided to build. Now what? Although it’s exciting to imagine what your new house or extension will look like, it’s also a bit scary. Given the number of factors you have to consider before a block is laid, quite a lot can go wrong with your new build. That’s why you need to take a deep breath, sit down, and start working on getting your plans right from the start.

The Design Brief

When you talk to us at JS Design – Architectural Solutions, we know exactly where you’re coming from. We have helped people across Ireland and the United Kingdom to achieve their dream homes, so we know just how daunting the prospect of building can be. Your relationship with us will be open and honest from the outset, based on clear communication to make your dream a reality. The first and most important step is the design brief. We will work with you on it to get it right, but you can do some initial work to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for:

The Broad View

Decide what you and your family need to make this project a success. Get the whole family together around the kitchen table and write down all your ideas for the project. This is an initial brainstorming session, so you don’t need to be too precise. Think of your lifestyle and professions, your hobbies, your pets, how you entertain, and what you do to relax. This information will indicate how you use your home and what your future needs will be.

Question Time

The following questions will help you pinpoint what you want from your new build:

  • How long do you plan on staying in the new building?
  • What orientation will the building have? This refers to the way the building will be situated on its site and the positioning of windows, rooflines, and other features. A building oriented for solar design leverages passive and active solar strategies.
  • Are there any particular design features you want to include?
  • Are there any specific materials you want to use? (Stone cladding, timber floors, granite worktops etc.)
  • How many living areas will you have?
  • Do you prefer casual or formal dining areas?
  • What specific features will your kitchen have?
  • What about a pantry?
  • Games room?
  • Study or home office?
  • Number of bedrooms and sizes?
  • Number of bathrooms and types of fittings?
  • Stairs?
  • Ideal ceiling heights?
  • Any special electrical system requirements?
  • What about heating?
  • Have you thought about the exterior design features?
  • What about the entrance?
  • What kind of windows would you like?
  • Will you have a deck or patio?
  • Outline your plans for the garden or outdoor areas.

Refine Your List

Now that you’ve thoroughly investigated what everybody wants, organize your ideas on a room-by-room basis and prioritize them in order of importance. Start a Pinterest board and gather pictures to convey your ideas more graphically. This will make it easier for the architectural designer to understand what you want.

Your design brief should be no more than 5 or 6 pages long, and you’ll need to review it at various stages throughout the design and construction process and revise it if the scope of works or budget changes.

The Nitty Gritty

Now that you’ve really thought about what you want from your design project, you will need to bring your ideas to your architectural designer to work on making those dreams a reality.

Our approach at JS Design – Architectural Solutions is to really delve into the brief, using a document we have developed to ensure nothing is missed. This document covers every aspect of your project in detail, dealing with construction methods, windows & doors, renewable technology, finishes, etc.

Applying your ideas to our design brief template will ensure that nothing is missed at the design stage. As with all building projects, getting the foundation right is crucial. Once we have your design brief finalised, you are well on your way to the build of your dreams.

Thinking of a new build, extension, or renovation? Contact JS Design – Architectural Solutions today to find out just what you can achieve.