Finding the Right Site Service

Our ‘Finding the Right Site’ Service will save you lots of time, money, hassle and bureaucratic admin when securing a suitable site to build your dream home.

Ideal for;

Homeowners or self-builders who are looking for a suitable site to build their dream home and need support in terms of planning permission, location research and all logistical issues that comes as part of any project like this.

What our clients will get as part of this service;

  • Discover if they meet the criteria of applying for planning permission in that area
  • Discover what they can get planning permission for
  • Comprehensive research into planning history of area
  • Pre-Planning meeting on your behalf
  • Consideration of house design
  • Internal layout & Spatial design
  • External appearance
  • Material finishes
  • Private areas
  • Percolation issues
  • Building lines
  • Sight lines
  • Budget costs
  • Programme timelines
  • Landscaping plans

The cost

The cost starts at €250 + VAT but depends on clients requirements and brief which will be discussed prior to starting the consultation service.

Benefits of our service;

  • Makes our clients lives easier, by saving them lots of time, money and hassle!
  • Pre-planning meeting is managed on your behalf. If you have never been to one of these before, more often than not some things will slip through the net and raise its ugly head later. We will cover everything for you, so that this does not happen.
  • Then if you decide to move forward with the project, we can then develop up:
    • Sketch designs including both 2D & 3D layouts
    • Develop these sketches into design drawings
    • Finally, a formal Planning Application to be lodged with the Local Authority
    • Percolation tests – additional cost but needed
    • Contour survey – additional cost but needed
    • OS Maps – part of application
    • Handle all bureaucratic admin

To discuss how this service could help you, please contact us here.